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Twist of Fate

David & Suzanne



Suzanne and David

New York City, January 1979; I was in such a wonderful mood, my friend Lynda was in town from LA and was taking me out to lunch to celebrate my birthday. We were planning to go to a little neighborhood restaurant called "Veggies" that I had suggested. Another friend, Linda, stopped by to wish me a Happy Birthday. She proceeded to ask, "Why are you going there??, it’s your birthday, you should be going to a special place, Cafe Un, Deux, Trois, a trendy French bistro just opened nearby off Broadway, now that would be perfect for a birthday lunch!" Lynda, smiled and said "Let’s go there" and the rest is history!

David, then a perfect stranger, was sitting with a friend against the back wall of the restaurant and smiled and waved as Lynda and I waited to be seated, I smiled back, harmless, so I thought. Little did I know that he asked the manager to seat us nearby, although I did have my back to him the entire time. He surprised me after he finished and came over to our table and asked me to meet him back at the same restaurant the following week for lunch on a whim, and with Lynda, egging me on to say "yes", I agreed. So we met, told our life stories, became friends, and by May we were engaged, and in October we were married. It’s now 37 years later and we are still going strong!

Love Notes: So, in a twist of fate, my trip to a French restaurant led to a chance encounter always wondered who I might have met at Veggies, certainly not David!

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