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Melissa & Todd



Melissa and Todd

Christmas Eve in 2005 turned out to be more meaningful than most for Melissa as she was going on a job interview with Todd as her potential boss. Who would have thought that this would become a life altering day in both their lives? Melissa’s first thoughts were "Oh, he’s cute; don’t think I can WORK for him!" But she was offered the job and took it, thus began their working relationship. It was not until months later when Todd told her he was about to make a job change and would no longer be her boss did Melissa suggest they still could be friends. Soon after that they went on their first date and began to grow their personal friendship.

In 2008, 3 years later, they made a commitment to marry on Leap Year day, another memorable day".

Love Notes: You never know, just when that "right" person will show up for you!

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