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He Got the Girl



George and Beth

"Her Mother Hated Me" for 25 years, & we’ve been married for 38! - this sets the background for their love story.

George arrived from Florida to Arizona, to become a "cowboy". He rented a room in a rooming house near the campus and got a job at NAU, as a counselor with adolescents. One afternoon at his rooming house, he saw "the most beautiful girl" he had ever seen. He was told that she was the manager’s girlfriend, but, that didn’t stop George from looking forward to meeting her, at the next monthly tailgate-type house party there. They did meet, and 7 months later, they were married. But, this is what led up to the wedding: their first trip away together, to San Francisco. It was a trip that Beth took twice yearly for business and she would also take the time to visit her grandmother there, George had no idea the two of them were going to visit Grandma!

Beth’s Mom, as we know, did not approve of George, but, Grandma did! He found this out on the ride home. Grandma was a wise woman, who asked Beth a simple question, "Does he make you happy?" She got to the "heart" of it, that’s all she wanted to know. Beth said yes, he did, & they had Grandma’s blessings. George was so happy that Grandma approved, because Beth confided to him that it was "her" blessings that she valued most. Feeling quite proud of himself, he then asked if perhaps it would be a good idea to get married, on this trip. Traveling through South Lake Tahoe, they saw a Justice of the Peace sign, stopped, and were told to get a "marriage license" first. So, off they went to the next town, Carson City, the county seat. County offices were closed at the time, so, they camped out on the court house lawn (George had come prepared with a tent in the car!) They got their license the next day, despite the 3" of snow that fell that night.

Back they went to South Lake Tahoe, but, found out they needed TWO required witnesses! Another stumbling block, but as fate would have it, the Justice of the Peace had his secretary call a state police officer to come inside and he and the secretary became the two witnesses.

Love Notes:George got the girl, & his cowboy life! They lived for many years on a 40 acre ranch, raising Arabian horses, and are still riding high, 38 wonderful years later.

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